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The EveryHeart Foundation was established in response to the alarming increase in sudden, unexpected deaths among high school athletes across our nation. The sudden, unexpected death of a child is one of the worst tragedies a family – and a community – can experience. The value of a young person’s life is incalculable. Yet each year, numerous American high school athletes pass away from undiagnosed cardiovascular problems. These tragic incidents have underscored the urgent need for proactive measures to safeguard the heart health of young athletes. Medical science has advanced to the point that unexpected cardiac deaths like these should be a thing of the past.

As a dedicated non-profit charity, our mission is to focus on the early detection and prevention of cardiovascular events in this vulnerable population. Our primary goal is to ensure that high school athletes can safely pursue their athletic aspirations without the looming risk of undetected heart conditions. To achieve this, we offer free heart health screenings in high schools nationwide. These screenings are designed to identify potential cardiovascular issues that might otherwise go unnoticed until it’s too late.

We believe that every young athlete deserves the opportunity to chase their dreams without the fear of sudden cardiac events. By partnering with schools, medical professionals, and communities, we strive to create a network of support and education around heart health. Our programs not only provide critical screenings but also raise awareness about the importance of cardiovascular care in young athletes.

Through our efforts, we aim to make a significant impact on the lives of high school athletes and their families. By catching heart issues early, we can intervene before they become life-threatening, giving young athletes the best chance to thrive both on and off the field. The EveryHeart Foundation is committed to building a future where every high school athlete can enjoy their sports safely and with peace of mind.

The EveryHeart Foundation is not just about screenings; it’s about creating a movement. We are dedicated to ensuring that the tragedy of losing a young athlete to an undiagnosed heart condition becomes a rare and preventable occurrence. By fostering a culture of awareness and proactive health management, we aim to save lives and provide young athletes with the safest possible environment to excel in their sports.

In summary, the EveryHeart Foundation stands as a beacon of hope and a shield of protection for high school athletes nationwide. Through our unwavering commitment to early detection, prevention, and education, we strive to ensure that every young athlete can follow their passion and achieve their dreams with confidence and security.

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