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The Boone Heart Institute is the EveryHeart Foundation’s primary medical partner. Through Boone Heart’s generous donations, EveryHeart is able to test high school athletes for a fraction of the cost that this testing would typically require in a clinic or hospital setting.  This close partnership allows us to provide cutting-edge, live saving testing to students across the country for free, relying exclusively on donations for financial support.

The Boone Heart Institute’s Medical Team of fully certified and experienced medical professionals annually performs advanced preventive cardiology testing on thousands of Americans. Each year, they test the players, coaches, and front office personnel of the Denver Broncos and Colorado Rockies to ensure that these organizations are in great health from top to bottom.  In addition, they test several hundred retired NFL players every year through a program sponsored by the NFL Player Care Foundation.

The Boone Heart Institute brings this expertise to the EveryHeart Foundation.

The Boone Heart Institute was founded in 2008 by Jeffrey L. Boone, MD, as an extension of his decades of work in preventive cardiology. Named one of Men’s Health Magazine’s Top Doctors for Men and listed as one of the 17 Top Cardiovascular Doctors in America, Dr. Boone is an internationally recognized expert on the effects of mental stress on the heart.  In addition, Dr. Boone sits on the NFL Cardiovascular Committee, which is continually researching and publishing the latest data on the athlete’s heart.

This expertise on the effects of athletic stress on the heart makes Dr. Boone a perfect fit with the EveryHeart Foundation.  Dr. Boone provides medical oversight and recommendations for all EveryHeart screenings, as well as educational lectures and other media support.

Click the Boone Heart Institute logo to visit the full Boone Heart website.

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